Eywah Eco-solutions

About Us

Who are we

EywaH is a brainchild of an Engineer & Renewable energy expert who believes that the earth with all its habitants, present and future, deserves to be protected. Over the past few decades Humans have made their march towards progress and development without considering its impact on nature. This unchecked expansion of mankind has led to extremes of climate change, which is getting severe each passing year. So if we are to survive and leave a healthy planet, as we got it, back for our future generations we need to restructure our lifestyle to be Sustainable, honest and eco-friendly.

This vision has led to the birth of EywaH. The word EywaH is derived from a fictional deity named Eywa which manages the balance between different eco-system and 'H' stands for Honesty which is our prime policy.

Our Vision

The plan is to build a sustainable eco-system or an eco-friendly lifestyle:

  • Which can be adopted by all classes of our society without compromising on their standard of living
  • Which reduces our carbon footprint (impact on the natural environment) to absolute minimal.

If you share our vision and beliefs and want us to help you in anyway feel free to contact us:-