Eywah Eco-solutions

Solar Rooftop solutions


Residential Rooftop Solar

Currently with subsidized rate of installation, this is the cheapest and most lucrative model to go solar. Immense cost saving opportunity for people living in Bungalows and row houses who has enough roof space to cover their electricity demands.

Key Benefits:-

  1. Govt. Subsidy upto 40% on capital expense.
  2. 2-3 years of payback period
  3. Low maintenence
  4. Free electricity for 25 years


Housing Society

Leaving in an apartment? Do not have roof space? We have another solution for you. 

Buildings or Housing societies can now save on their common meter billings by going solar and avail subsidy upto 20 %.

Key Benefits:-

  1. Savings on your society maintenance
  2. Govt subsidy upto 20%
  3. Green Building quotient


Commercial & Industrial

Factories and industries often have large vacant roof space which can easily be utilized to generate electricity.

Key benefits:-

  1. Tax benefits in form of accelerated depreciation
  2. With Large systems cost per kW goes down which makes it affordable
  3. Commercial rate per unit is higher than residential rate and hence better payback period
  4. Green power ratings for your business